1. What is your favorite weather?

I love the cool and warm weather of Autumn because it isn't freezing cold like that in winter or scorching hot and sultry/stuffy/muggy like that in summer. I don't have to wear a lot of thick clothes or sweat a lot.

2. What is the weather like in your hometown?

Well, there are four different seasons throughout a year in Hanoi where I live. You know, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season has its own characteristics. A typical Vietnamese Spring is often cold and damp/humid; Summer is often scorching hot and dry; Autumn, like I've said before, is often cool and warm; and Winter is often dry and freezing cold.

3. Have you ever experienced any bad weather?

I've experienced many tropical storms/hurricanes, and the one that I remember the most was the storm in 2010 that devastated my hometown. The Gale-force winds caused a lot of damage to property. A number of building were destroyed, roofs were torn off and fences were blown down. Several rivers burst their banks, and the whole city was submerged in water.

4. What kind of weather do you dislike?

I'm not a big fan of scorching hot and muggy weather because it's like burning outside. I often sweat a lot, and sometimes I feel that I'm suffocated because it's very sultry and damp.