1. What is the most popular TV programme in your country?

Well, VTV news is the most well-known TV programme in Vietnam. It's often broadcasted/aired live at 12 p.m and 7 p.m every day. It provides audiences with up-to-date information about incidents and activities taking place not only in Vietnam but also all over the globe.

2. Why do people like watching TV?

People like watching TV because there is a wide variety of programmes for them to choose, and there are both entertaining and educational programmes available on TV these days. You know, they can watch entertaining programmes like "Masterchef", "American Idol", or "America's Got Talent"; or educational programmes like "Discovery Channel", "National Geographic Channel" or "Geopardy".

3. What is your favorite TV programme?

I'm the big fan of Masterchef US as well as Gordon Ramsey, one of the world's most celebrated chefs and culinary geniuses. I find the show not only very entertaining but also very informative/educational. I was engrossed in watching every single episode throughout the six seasons of Masterchef US that have been aired.

4. How often do you watch TV programmes?

I watch VTV news almost every day at 12 p.m while having lunch. On the weekend, I often watch Masterchef on Star World and try to learn how to make some dishes from some of my most favorite talented home cooks.