1. How do most people travel to work where you live?

Well, people use all kinds of vehicles to commute back and forth nowadays, but the most common one is motorbike. Travelling by motorbike is very convenient here in Hanoi because you can travel to places that cars or buses cannot reach.

2. What traffic problems are there in your area? Why?

There are still some kinds of traffic problems happening once in a while here in Hanoi. Most of the time we, Hanoians, have to deal with traffic jams/congestions because the population here in the city has increased dramatically in recent decades, making a great burden on the transportation system that are underdeveloped. Once in a blue moon, we have to face with problem created by road works too.

3. How do traffic problems affect you?

Well, getting stuck in a traffic jam is annoying sometimes. It would take me up to 1-2 hours to get out of the crowd and it's definitely tiresome and time-consuming. It's also detrimental for your health since you have to breathe in polluted air containing CO2 from the exhausted fumes/smoke from the vehicles.

4. How would you reduce the traffic problems in your area?

There are some solutions to tackle the problems. First, the government can widen the road to meet with the fast-increasing number of vehicles in Hanoi. Second, schools need to teach students how to obey the traffic rules and drive safely.