1. Is there any special meaning of your name?

Well, my name's Hiep, and when it's translated into English, it means Knight or Hero. I also know that my parents named me Hiep so that it's much easier to remember and call their children names. You know, Hung, Hao and Hiep. It's very rhythmic, isn't it?

2. How do you like your name?

I really love my name because it has a great meaning, it's easy to remember and it's easy to be pronounced. However, some of my American friends often have trouble pronouncing my name correctly. They often raise up their voice when calling my name, so it would create a different name that has a terrible meaning of "RAPE".

3. Who gave you your name?

If I remember correctly, my parents gave me my name. They wanted to give me a name that started with the letter "H" so that it's easy to remember.

4. Is there any tradition to give a child a name?

Well, as far as I know, the father often passes on his family name to his child, and some families like mine even pass on the middle name to their sons. Besides, it's generally believed that a child shouldn't have the same name as his grandparents' because it would be considered disrespectful to the grandparents when the child's family members call his name in front of his grandparents.