1. Where are you from?

I'm from Hadong which is a small district located in the northwest of Hanoi.

2. Do you like your home town? (Why?)

Yes, I like living in Hadong because it's where most of my friends and family members live, and because there are plenty of things to do there. The only thing I don't like is the weather.

3. Would you prefer to live somewhere else? (Why?)

For the moment I'm happy living here, but at some point I'd like to live in the countryside with a warmer and cooler climate; you know, it's freezing cold here in winter and scorching hot here in summer, and I'd like to live near a beach!

4. Is there anything famous in your hometown?

My hometown is famous for a silk village called Van Phuc. Many traditional silk products like scarves, fabric, and Ao Dai are locally made there. They are of good quality and affordable.

5. Is your hometown a big city or a small town?

As I've mentioned before, Hadong is a small city in size, but it's developing in a really fast pace with many new urban areas connected with each other by a developed road system.

6. Is it suitable for young people to live in?

It has all the characteristics of an ideal living place for young people. You know, necessary things for young people like good education system, upgraded infrastructure and varied facilities like cinema, gym and recreational centers are all provided in Hadong.


Yes, Hadong has lots of things for young people, such as sports, music and cinemas. They can watch a football match, go to one of the free museums, or even go indoor skiing. (I'm telling a white lie and it's acceptable to tell lie in the IELTS test!)