1. How often do you have holidays?

In Vietnam, we have some national holidays such as Independence Day on the second of September, Labor Day on the first of May and Tet holiday which is during the first week of the lunar new year. Besides, I often spend one summer week going on a vacation to the coastal areas in Vietnam to unwind, relax and reenergize myself.

2. When do Vietnamese people normally have holidays?

As I've just said, we take days off on Independence Day, Labor Day, and Tet holiday. Besides, I believe that we have a day off on Hung Vuong Commemoration Day on the 10th of March based on lunar calendar and Reunification Day on the 30th of April based on solar calendar.

3. What do you do during holidays?

Well, if it's a long holiday, I often go travelling to the beach or to mountainous regions, depending on whether it's summer or winter, to spend my holidays there. If it's just a one-day holiday, I tend to stay at home and relax.

4. Is holiday important?

Holiday is extremely important because it's the time that people can take a break from their work or study, escape from their daily routines and travel to different places to unwind and recharge their mind. It's also the time for family and friend reunion.