1. Have you made any handicraft?

When I was in elementary school, I used to make baskets by weaving some pliable reed, grass or willow shoots. I also used to make a small house out of matches and toothpicks and gave them to my friends as a gift.

pliable: easy to bend without breaking

2. Where can you learn how to make handicrafts?

You can learn how to make a handmade product from a handicraft class at vocational school. Besides, there are tons of articles and clips on the Internet teaching you how to make a handicraft step by step that you can learn from.

3. What kind of handicrafts do people usually make by themselves?

I think people tend to weave baskets, knit woolen scarves or sweaters, or make pottery products.

4. Is making handicraft important to children?

Making a handmade product is very crucial to children because through the process of making a handicraft, they can learn how to be patient enough to finish making it. They can also learn how to be creative to make their own and unique masterpieces and how to appreciate other people's work.