1. What is the staple food in Vietnam?

The most staple crop in Vietnam is rice. It's grown almost everywhere, and thanks to the fact that the climate and soil quality in my country are very suitable to grow rice, Vietnam has been entitled to become the second largest rice exporter in the world, providing million tons of rice to the global market.

staple: forming a basic, large or important part of something

2. Do you prefer eating at home or at restaurants?

I prefer eating at home to eating at a restaurant because by eating at home I can know for sure what ingredients I put in my dishes, which would help me to avoid getting allergic to some certain kinds of food such as peanuts or peppermint. I would also save money by cooking at home instead of dining out in a restaurant.

3. What kinds of food are considered healthy?

That's an interesting question. Let me think. I would say that foods that are rich in protein, fiber and nutrition are considered wholesome. You know, things like nuts, lean protein, fruits and vegetables are some great example of healthy foods.

wholesome: good for your health

4. Are you good at cooking?

Yes, I'm confident to say that I'm quite a good cook. I often cooked traditional Vietnamese dishes for my family and friends, and they really liked my masterpieces. Sometimes, I learned how to cook foreign dishes by following some recipes in the Internet and watch clips on Youtube, and it often turned out really good.

5. Who taught you how to cook?

My mother was a great teacher who often showed me step by step how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls. I've learnt a lot of cooking skills/techniques from her. Besides, as I've just mentioned, I sometimes follow recipes from the Internet or learn from well-known chefs like Gordon Ramsay.