1. Do you like flowers?

I love roses because they are one of the most enduring symbols of love and appreciation. They also have a sweet and delicate fragrance that ease my mind.

enduring: lasting for a long time

2. What is your most favorite flower?

As I've just said, I really like roses and they are my most favorite flower.

3. Why do some people like flowers?

Well, many people love flowers because of their beauty, fragrance and the meanings attached to/associated with them while some people like flowers because they are a great kind of ornament used to decorate their rooms.

4. Is there any special meaning of some flowers?

Well, as I've said before, roses symbolize love, romance and appreciation; lilies represent pureness, and carnations are the symbol of Mother's Day/sun flowers represents optimism/peonies are the symbol of elegance, wealth and prosperity.