1. Do you like dancing?

I'm not a big fan of dancing because you know, I'm quite a clumsy person who cannot control the movement of his different body parts like legs and arms. I don't want to become the center of attention or something that people would laugh at.

2. Where can people learn how to dance?

People can learn how to dance from a dance teacher in a dance class, from people in a park or on a street, or from clips teaching you how to dance on Youtube.

3. Why do some people like dancing?

Well, dancing is not only a kind of art but also a good way to exercise and entertain. Many people love the elegance of ballroom dance or belly dance while many of others love the dynamics of cha cha cha or breaking dance. Dancing also helps people to keep fit and lose weight because when they dance, they would burn a lot of calories.

4. What is the most popular dance in your country?

Vietnamese people are familiar with all kinds of dance, and they perform them almost everywhere in my country. If I have to choose one sort of dance that is the most popular in my country, I would choose aerobic. Despite your age, you can do aerobic very easily. Furthermore, it doesn't require you to have an expensive outfit or accessories to learn how to do aerobic, so it's become very popular in Vietnam.


1. Do you enjoy dancing? Why/Why not?

Well, honestly, I'm just an amateur at dancing. I've never taken a dance class before, but I've tried some dance parties when I was in the United States. We had parties for international students all over the world every year, so we tried some dance moves once in a while.

2. Has anyone ever taught you to dance? Why/Why not?

Yes. My roommate, Mark Reeves, taught me how to do chicken dance at a conference called Engage last year. It was a lot of fun doing the chicken dance because you can join a crowd dancing a famous dance and have some laughter.

3. Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country.

Well, I think I would choose bamboo-pole dance which is a traditional dancing in my country. People use 6-8 bamboo poles to create a dancing ground in which participants have to avoid jumping on the poles and cross the dancing area.

4. Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? Why/Why not?

Personally, I do believe that traditional dancing will be widespread in the next 10 years in Vietnam. It's because schools are having some programs promoting traditional dancing to children, so they can get to know more about Vietnamese culture.