1. What is your favorite bird?

Well, I'm partial towards hummingbirds/hummers, very tiny and amazing creatures that often live in tropical forests like Amazon forest in South America. I really like them because they have beautiful feather and can fly in a very unique way, especially while sucking nectar with their curbed small beaks. You know, with the size of a coin, they can flap their wings really fast, maybe as fast as a helicopter's wings, bestowing upon them the ability to move up and down, forward and backward. It's amazing, isn't it? :)

2. How do people in your country treat birds?

Well, different people have different ways of treating birds in my country. Some hunt small birds such as sparrows and flower-peckers for fun and for food WHILE some of others especially poachers (illegal hunters) trap birds like parrots and peacocks for feather. Luckily/Fortunately, the majority of Vietnamese people are aware of the importance of protecting birds, especially those that are in danger or on the verge/edge of extinction such as flamingo and storks.

3. Should we protect birds?

Of course, we should, at any cost, protect birds, especially endangered species so that we can help balance the food chain and preserve one of our great treasures that we can pass on our next generations to come. You know, our descendants in the future might have chances to observe exotic birds like birds of paradise in the wild, and they will feel thankful for that/really appreciate that.

4. Is there any special meaning of birds in your country?

That's an interesting question. As far as I know, in Vietnam, Phoenixes, mythical birds, are considered the symbol of the empress in olden days while pigeons/doves are often seen as the traditional symbol of peace and innocence. Besides, eagles are widely known for power, strength and integrity.